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I am a fully accredited, certified and highly experienced ITIL trainer. As well as delivering the full range of formally certified ITIL training courses, thanks to my consultancy experience I also offer a full range of more practical ITIL and ISO200000 training courses and workshops.

These have proved invaluable in helping numerous organisations to truly understand what ITIL is and how to use it effectively and also to achieve ISO20000 certification.

I am also one of the few ITIL training providers with the expertise to offer practical training courses in the application of Lean practices and principles to IT Service Management.

Here are some of the training courses that I deliver:

1 day - ITIL Awareness
This 1 day course gives a practical introduction to ITIL – what it is, what it consists of, the benefits etc. It also provides an overview of some of the more widely used ITIL processes and concepts – e.g. Incident & Problem Management, the Service Catalogue, Service and Operational Level Agreements, Availability, Capacity, Change & Release management and the CMDB.

0.5 day - Using ITIL effectively
This half day briefing session provides practical guidance on how to use (or ‘implement’) ITIL effectively. It outlines the common pitfalls to be avoided and how to tailor your use of ITIL in order to deliver maximum IT operational benefits.

0.5 day - ISO20000 Awareness
This half day briefing session provides an overview of the ISO20000 standard. The session looks at the benefits of certification, the activities and effort required to achieve certification, the relationship between ISO20000 and ITIL and the contents of the standard itself.

1 day - ISO200000 – how to achieve certification
This 1 day workshop provides details of the activities required in order for you to achieve certification against the ISO20000 standard. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of the scoping statement
  • Demonstrating conformance to the Shall statements (Part 1 of the standard)
  • How to use Part 2 of the standard (the Should statements)
  • How to run your own pre-audit assessments
  • The role of the process owner
  • How to implement an ISO20000 conformant Service Management System
  • The formal certification process

0.5 day - ISO20000 - how to develop your own gap analysis assessment framework
This half day workshop takes you through how to develop your own ISO20000 gap analysis assessment framework. This can then be used to determine the extent of your conformance to the requirements of the ISO20000 standard.

1 day - An introduction to the various IT Service Management frameworks & standardsThis 1 day course provides an introduction to the various frameworks and standards that are associated with IT Service Management. It provides an overview of each framework and standard, how and when to use it, the anticipated benefits and advantages of using it, etc. It also looks at how the various frameworks and standards can be combined to deliver maximum benefit. Frameworks and standards covered include ITIL, COBIT, ISO20000, MOF, ISO27000 series, ISO38500, and Lean

1 day - Developing and maintaining the IT Service Catalogue
This 1 day workshop provides practical guidance on how to develop and maintain the IT Service Catalogue. Topics covered include, how to identify and categorise IT Services, the relationship between IT Services and Technical Services, the format of the Catalogue and the value of having an IT Service Catalogue.

1 day - How to implement effective ITIL based Problem Management
This 1 day workshop details what needs to be dome in order for you to implement effective ITIL based Problem Management. Topics covered include, how to identify Problems, the relationship between Problems and Incidents and the Incident Management process, the role of the Problem Manager, the difference between Reactive and Proactive Problem Management, and how to measure the effectiveness of your Problem Management process

1 day - Developing effective Service and Operational Level Agreements
The 1 day workshop explains how to develop effective Service Level and Operational Level agreements. It covers what information to include in the Agreements, the best format and structure for the Agreements (and how to limit them to 1 side of A4!), how to set meaningful service performance targets and back this up with meaningful technical service performance targets. It also explains the importance of actively maintaining the Agreements once they are in place.

1 day - Developing and running an ITIL conformant Service Desk and Incident Management Process
This 1 day workshop explains how to set up and run an ITIL conformant Service Desk and Incident Management process. It explains the key activities and responsibilities of an ITIL conformant Service Desk, and shows the links between the Service Desk and the other central ITIL processes, e.g. Problem, Change, Release and Configuration, Service Level and Event Management.

0.5 day - Implementing an effective ITIL based Change Management process
This half day workshop outlines the key characteristics and requirements of a successful ITIL based Change Management process. It includes a review of the role of the Change Manager, the levels of change authorisation that need to be in place, the importance of standard change models, and the relationship between Change & Release manager.

1 day - How to run ITIL process maturity / effectiveness assessments
This 1 day workshop will show you the importance of running regular process maturity / effectiveness assessments for the ITIL processes that you have implemented. It will also provide details of how to develop a process assessment framework, and how to run the assessments themselves

1 day - ITIL Service Operations - a practical overview
This 1 day course covers the Service Operations phase of the ITIL lifecycle.
The course agenda includes a review of the main concepts, processes and functions associated with Service Operations. This course concentrates on the more practical and pragmatic aspects of Service Operations.

1 day - ITIL Service Transition - a practical overview
As above – but for Service Transition

1 day - ITIL Service Design - a practical overview
As above – but for Service Design

0.5 day - ITIL Service strategy – a practical overview
As above – but 0.5. day and for Service Strategy

1 day - Lean & Six Sigma for IT Service Management
This 1 day course examines how to use the concepts, principles and tools associated with both Lean and Six Sigma to improve the quality of IT Service Management within your organisation. The course explains the differences between a Lean and Six Sigma approach, looks at the common types of waste associated with delivering IT Services, the relevance of the Outside In approach to IT Service Management and the various tools and techniques associated with both approaches. How Lean can be used to help improve your use of ITIL is also a key part of this course.

0.5 day - Taking the Lean (Outside In) approach to IT Service Management
This half day course explains how you can improve your efficiency and effectiveness as an IT Service provider by basing your Service Management approach on Lean principles. It outlines the benefit of taking an ‘Outside In’ approach to developing your service model, and shows how ITIL processes can be significantly improved by incorporating Lean principles.

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